Feedback Needed

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Feedback Needed

We know that the best ideas begin with our clients. That is the home owners, the people that receive the FlashFlyers — the exclusive, online advisory panel of curious and active consumers dedicated to providing feedback about our FlashFlyer.

How it Works

Being part of the FlashFlyer team is easy. Each month, members receive a short, online exercise to complete. Many activities are just one or two questions like, “Do you use FlashFlyer coupons?” or “What type of coupons do you prefer?”

Getting Started

Just fill out a quick, introductory questionnaire and you’re in! You’ll get membership in a group of true blue FlashFLyer fans, bragging rights and the opportunity to shape the future of FlashFlyer savings. Join Today!

What to Expect

-We’ll never sell or distribute your email address to a third party
-Members are contacted no more than once per month
-Activities take less than 10 minutes to complete; some may be just one or two questions
-Answers are kept strictly confidential